The Cheapest Way To Travel

chespest way to travel

For those who dream of travelling or going on holiday but haven’t been in a while. There are two types of holiday I recommend. All Inclusive Holidays OR Flight Hopping! If you’ve always dreamt of travelling and you have a flexible schedule, what can be more exhilarating? This can be your next great adventure! Meeting many friends along the way. Save money and see more! Immerse yourself in culture and experience.

Look out for the cheapest flights and rooms, – one way! You can get last minute flights from just £5.00! And rooms as low as £15/night. But try not to get caught out. Being without accommodation could lead to some rough experiences. However if you have a good attitude, you can usually find your way. Some parts of the world are more dangerous than others, so make sure that you have enough money and some good contacts, should you get stuck.

Life is what you make it so it is really about what you want. Luxury or adventure/culture. Italy is a beautiful place to visit major cities like Rome, Milan & Venice. Berlin is also an interesting place to go. Artists & Musicians tend to enjoy the life there. Thailand is increasingly popular if you’re into relaxation and meditation.

A hostel membership is very useful. During the pandemic, hostelling is not such a great idea but the hostels are keeping up with the latest safety measures. The thing about being a hostel member is you are less likely to find yourself stuck and can always find cheap accommodation, day or night, if you can reach it.

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