British Holidays By The Coast

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Need a holiday?

Find family friendly and pet friendly accommodation! Businesses are reopening in time for Summer 2021. Book a hotel by the coast or rent for a week or two. Or book a city hotel. (Visit Britannia Hotels).

People may say that British Holidays aren’t much, yet some of our best memories will be digging in the sand and eating jellied eels or cockles. Searching the rock pools and strolling by the marina or estuary to smell the smell of the sea. We stay out for the day and brush off the sand when we get in. And maybe some fish n chips on the way back.

British holidays can not be beaten! We may not have all of the sunshine but we have the peers, arcades and candy floss, Harry Ramsey’s, dodgem cars, shopping centres and camping shops.

If you’ve never been to England, you should plan some sight seeing in the capital and then a trip to the coast.

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